Who are you Mr. Partner? – Announcement of the article

While screening potential business partner the main task of the researcher is to make accurate, transparent, up to date and valid vision of the past, present and future of the subject. Thereв«Єre numerous red flags commonly known for every professional and even nonpro investigator: criminal background, money laundering, bankruptcy, legal claims, unethical behavior etc. These red flags are important and have been treated as the main target of the due diligence research for ages.

At the same time, since mid-XX we faced marketing boom and almost every decision was considered as marketing step: share of the market, brand value, target audience, product placement в«Т these and other marketing terms are of highest importance for decision-maker who plans penetration to the new market, acquisition of a local player, investment in a new or already existing enterprise. Marketing researches are always popular and in demand.

And no doubt there are economic reasons в«Т profit, turnover, taxation etc. What kind of decision can be made without considering expenses and profit, calculations of risks? Numerous auditors are at your service 24h a day working in tandem with law advisors. They can help in making all steps legal, safe and profitable.

So why even purchasing dozens of different services, surrounded by experienced and reputable advisors, keeping in his hands several attractive and professionally made reports the decision maker is so curious about the only question he was really concerned about “Can I rely on my business partner’s current intention to make fair and profitable business or not?”

Read my vision of the answer the 1st of July in the forthcoming article “Who are you Mr.Partner?”