This Wednesday the Head of Intelligence of Staf-Alliance Security Group, Mr. Dmitry Ivanov, will speak at SPIBA conference “Expat life in Russia: guidelines to success” scheduled to take place at Corinthia Hotel, Moscow Conference Room 14.

в«їThis time I will speak about the influence of economic sanctions, propaganda, and economic frustration on business culture of Russian companies. The theme in general is not about intelligence, risks or threads and telling the truth, I have no intention to discuss political or economic issues at this event, but underestimating the influence of the above on business culture and every day and strategic decision-making processes is definitely a serious mistake. I plan to present a brief overview of the history of development of Russian business culture since Soviet times until 2014 and together we will try to foresee what changes we should expect in the year 2015. Anyway, for decades, companies from the EU and the US as well as Russian companies had been doing a lot to establish profitable and trustworthy cooperation and it is important to help each other in understanding what went wrong nowadays.
While others consider this situation from political and economic point of view we will talk about cultural and even anthropological roots of the current crisisв«О.