KYC & KYP services

“Know your partner” Is a well-known and popular service highly demanded both in CIS and EU.

Being originally a kind of due diligence “Know your partner” gives you insights about internal procedures and status of your business partner.

KYP services can also help you answering following questions:

    Can you rely on your reseller?– We help you to find out if your reseller promotes your products with the same efforts as he promotes products of your competitors. Also if your agreement with the distributor included area exclusive rights we can help you to check if he tries to sell products outside of his area.
    Can your contractor provide services of expected quality?
    Does he hold required licenses?
    What references of the contractor are available?
    Can we predict future bankruptcy of the partner or decrees in his ability to pay invoices?

About KYC & KYP services of SA WEST:

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