Eastern and Western Europe

SA WEST has office in Riga and authorized representatives in Kiev, Paris, Berlin, London and Athens. Our network of trusted contractors helps us in conducting field researches in other countries of Europe.

For desk researches we use prepaid databases and in case of red alert we can provide our clients with valuable insights on EU related corporate matters in the shortest possible time.

Intelligence datamining in European countries requires different approaches depending on local rules and traditions, regulations, laws and business standards.

Every company in the industry has stronger capabilities in some countries and weaker in others. Whatever sources the company has in the region, these sources must be regularly tested and validated, especially if the project requires human sources inquires or access to sensitive sources and matters. That’s why even having strong links in almost every European country we prefer sharing briefs of projects for our future customers to understand where we have recently tested capabilities.

In 2019-2024 SA WEST worked intensively in following European countries:

Italy – several corporate and human due diligence projects mostly related to M&A. 40% of these projects had been initiated by Vendors from Asia and ME.
Germany – long list of background screening and pre-employment screening assignments mostly based on public records and media.
France – human due diligence research on high-profile former politician who approached the customer with a proposal of assistance in solving sensitive business-related issues. The research was initiated by UK client and required direct access to human and discreet sources.
United Kingdom – several projects related to former Russian businessmen currently residing in the United Kingdom, tracing of assets, assistance in debt recovering projects.
Baltic countries, especially Latvia and Lithuania – investigative due diligence projects, identification of ultimate beneficial owners, tracing of links with sanctioned companies and individuals, several fraud investigations and a list of basic background screening assignments.
Czech Republic – investigative corporate due diligence project, profiling of shareholders and top managers.
Switzerland – assistance to assets recovery

We do not mention our projects in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and other countries of the Eastern Europe. These projects were of medium and small size: background screening, all types of checks, site-visiting etc.

European companies of appropriate size and wealthy individuals tend to operate globally. That’s why some of our projects initially considered as focused on one exact region often become multinational. We are proud that capabilities and expertise of our team allow us dealing with these cases on a regular basis and very much appreciate the trust of our clients and customers.