Sakr Factory

Address: 3 Cairo Governorate 11562, Egypt
Tel: +20 2 22690922

Sakr Factory is engaged in the production of infrared guided missiles, artillery rockets, anti-tank weapons, and CNC machines.

The Sakr [Falcon] Factory produces artillery and missile systems of several types:

  • 122 mm. light artillery rockets with ranges of up to 45 km. These rockets are fitted with high-explosive or dispersive warheads with bomblets.
  • Manufacture of stationary and mobile launchers single, quadruple or multi-tubes.
  • Man-portable rocketry systems fired from RPG launchers (conventional PG-7, Cobra, Home Guard and Cobra Tandem incendiary) in addition to manufacture of the launchers of these systems.
  • Mine dispensing systems, stationary or mounted on light and armord vehicles.
    122 mm. illumination and smoke-screen rocketry systems.
  • Man-protable short-range air defense systems (SAKR-EYE).
  • Anti-tanks mine clearing ploughs.
  • Magnetic mine activation systems.
  • Three familles of 122mm multiple rocket launchers: the Saqr 36 with a maximum range of 36 kilometers; the Saqr 18; and the Saqr 10.

Egypt is modifying and experimenting with different imported systems to develop an indigenous production capacity. The factory developed the Falcon Eye, an improved version of the SA-7B which is claimed to be more sensitive and reliable than the original.


Since its establishment in 1953, the Sakr Factory for Developed Industries has served as the primary facility for ballistic missile and long-range artillery rocket development in Egypt.В  Although other factories assist with the procurement of missile parts and propellants, the Sakr Factory is currently Egypt’s only known operating ballistic missile production facility, with a primary function to design and develop ballistic missiles and long-range artillery rockets.

In 1960, Egypt constructed a missile testing and launch site at the Sakr factory, which still exists. It became the primary facility for the development, production, and testing of the al-Kahir, al-Zafir, and al-Ra’id ballistic missiles. As a result of efforts in the 1960s to develop the al-Zafir, al-Kahir, and al-Ra’id ballistic missiles, the Sakr Factory for Developed Industries has a range for the testing of ballistic missiles.

According to press reports, in June 1990 Egypt signed an agreement with China to modernize the Sakr Factory. The agreement marked Cairo’s first major deal with China and the beginning of closer military ties. It also enabled the Sakr Factory to produce newer versions of its Soviet anti-aircraft missiles, the surface-to-surface Scud-B and Silkworm, and the Egyptian Sakr rockets.

During the mid to late 1990s, with North Korean assistance, Egypt extended the range of the Scud Bs produced at the Sakr Factory.


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