Brand protection

Value of the brand is a core indicator of financial and market position of every corporation in post-industrial economy. Most advanced companies pay much attention on protection of their brands and keep eyes open to prevent unauthorized use of their names, images, technologies. Reputation management is pretty close to brand protection and also has a strong influence on the value of the brand.
Outsourcing of brand protection is a service which has a strong potential and we expect that soon we will see rising of its popularity in most countries of our area.

Protecting you brand we will ensure that:

  • The trademark of your company will be legally registered and protected by legislation of the target region;
  • Non but authorized partners/contractors will use the brand of your company to promote their products/services;
  • You will be informed about any kind of misconduct of your partner/contractor (selling of outdated products, extra high rates, unreasonable discount etc.).
  • Your employees and employees of your partners/contractors aren’t dissolve negative information about your brand, products or services