Our Team

Dmitry Ivanov

Board member, Head of intelligence

Born in 1976 Dmitry has a solid background both in Far East studies and corporate finance. He began his career as a managing director at Baltic Shipyard Finance JSC, and then for several years served as a financial director of an industrial holding.

Prior to entering Staf-Alliance Security Group in 2008 Dmitry was a Chief consultant at Bi to Be Consulting Group. He advised leading Russian companies on strategic development, diversification, risk-management and international expansion issues.

In 2015 Dmitry left Staf-Alliance Security Group and entered the Board of SA WEST.

In June 2019 Dmitry joined international counterintelligence consortium Counter Force Group.

Olga Stefan Wujek

Board member, Chief analyst

Graduated from the Department of Oriental Studies of St. Petersburg State University Olga started her career as a lecturer in Persian studies and Persian language teacher at St. Petersburg State University. After completing her post-graduate studies Olga worked as a financial director for Onix Corporation. She holds a second university degree in management. Working as a consultant-freelancer she carried out several projects related to optimization of financial accounting and purchasing-management processes.

Since 2009 Olga works for Staf-Alliance Security Group.

In 2015 Olga entered the Board of SA WEST but keeps her position as a Chief Analyst of Staf-Alliance Security Group

Yuri A. Pokalyuk

Senior associate, anti-corruption & fraud services

Yuri graduated from the Department of Mathematical Sciences of St.Petersburg State University. After graduation Yuri worked for a software development company and served as a business-analyst & consultant at Bi to Be Consulting Group. He participated in several projects related to business-processes analysis & reengineering.

Since 2009 Yuri worked for Staf-Alliance Security Group.

In 2013 Yuri headed InfoCorps, subsidiary of Staf-Alliance Security Group, and kept his position as a Senior associate of Staf-Alliance Security Group.

Since 2019 Yuri started his own business in security and intelligence field – YP Intelligence.

Alexei Karklin

Analyst, head of CIS & Baltic states

Born in 1973, Alexei obtained a degree in State and municipal management at the Saint Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics in 1995. After graduation he completed a postgraduate program and worked for various state-owned enterprises. Prior to joining Staf-Alliance Security Group he served as the Principal’s Counsellor for International Affairs at the Saint Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics. At the same time he worked for several foreign companies as an Economic security adviser, consulting them on Russian market entry strategies.

In 2012-2019 Alexei worked for Staf-Alliance Security Group.

Busygin Andrei

Junior Analyst

Andrei was born in Leningrad.
He served as an adjutant to the general, the head of the country’s largest military universities. Lately Andrei worked in the security sector at a paramilitary organization affiliated with the Central Bank of Russia.
Since 2019 Andrei works for SA WEST Global Intelligence

Perevalova Natalia

Junior Analyst

Natalia graduated from the Department of Mathematics and Physics at the South Urals State Univercity in 2005. Also she has a Degree Bachelor of Commerce, enterprise management (2011).
She worked as a construction engineer; in trade; and in the art, beauty & retouching sphere.
She has a certificate from Practical course of Business Intelligence (The Private Intelligence Company “R-Techno”, 2022).
Since July 2022 Natalia works as a Junior Analyst at SA WEST Company.