Background screening

Background screening is your first line of defence against fraud, theft & bad debts.

In our area we offer the following types of background screening services:

  • Pre-employment screening
    1. Identity check
    1. Criminal records check
    1. Employment history check
    1. Education check
    1. Conflicts of interests check
    1. Credit history check
  • Contractor’s creditability & legal compliance check
    1. Registration data check
    1. Creditability check
    1. Directorship records check
    1. Civil Court records check
    1. Public records and open media screening
  • Regular screening of current employees/contractors
    1. Corruption check (if expenses of the employee is above his revenue)
    1. Signs of future bankruptcy of the contractor

    2. Screening of employees public activity (social networks, forums, printed media etc.)
  • Real estate ownership records screening

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