Background screening

SA WEST provides background screening and background check services on companies and individuals from Russian Federation, Europe, and Southwest Asia.

What is the difference between Background screening and Background check?

The difference seems to be a purely scientific matter for a person who does not work in this industry.

Background Check is based on the data provided by the subject before the process.

For example, pre-employment check. With subject’s CV and consent we check applicant’s identity, employment records, criminal records; we collect human sources’ references on the subject to make sure that the applicant provided accurate data in his CV.
The same is about most types of compliance checks – we must confirm that the subject company acts in compliance with local and international laws. We have predefined set of requirements and detailed methodology prescribing what should be taken into consideration and what can be ignored, where we can search for the data, etc. Summarizing the above, the main target is to check that the Client will not put his business reputation at risk signing the contract.

To the opposite of checks, Background screening can be conducted with or without prior notice of the subject.

Background screening addresses diverse variety of situations including very basic types of investigative pre-acquisition due diligence, unspoken investigations on current employees or business partners, screening of the applicant who is of such a high profile that he can refuse to provide consent and CV, and many others.

Types of Background Screening Services

There’re two main types of background screening: One-Time and Regular.

One-Time screening often can be limited to “checks” and corresponds to commonly known “Background Check” service.

To the opposite, Regular Screening (Monitoring) of employee or contractor almost certainly corresponds to “Background Screening” service.

Background screening scheme

The list of most popular types of Background checks:

Pre-employment screening

    1. Identity check
    1. Criminal records check
    1. Employment history check
    1. Education check
    1. Conflicts of interests check
    1. Credit history check

Contractor’s creditability & legal compliance check

    1. Registration data check
    1. Creditability check
    1. Directorship records check
    1. Civil Court records check
    1. Public records and open media screening

Regular screening of current employees/contractors

    1. Corruption check. We will check expenses of the employee, trace his links and contacts with other companies in the industry.
    1. Screening of employees public activity (social networks, forums, printed media etc.)
      Signs of future bankruptcy of the contractor

Real estate ownership records check

    1. Check if the individual owns exact plot of land, flat or house. For assets tracing see “Corporate investigations”.

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