What we do

We provide our clients with up to date all sources intelligence analysis and risk advisory services.
Our core services include background screening, forecasting of competitors’ activity, analysis of market trends, corporate and human due diligence.
Our team do its best to guarantee that our findings are transferred into ready to use comprehensive knowledge supporting decision making of the highest level.

Core services

Samples of our projects (6 months of 2019)

  • We conducted investigative due diligence research of a company associated with a prominent Russian oil corporation. Research included data mining in offshore jurisdictions to uncover beneficial ownership of the business and FCPA compliance check.
  • We did human due diligence research of a former Lithuanian high-profile official.
  • We collected physical and digital evidences in brand protection case by request of our client form France. Evidences will be hold up in the court.
  • We did pre-acquisition corporate due diligence of offshore programming company from Pakistan. The research above all included professional assessment of the staff.
  • We did several assets tracing assignments in Belarus and Ukraine supporting inheritance cases.
  • By request of a European client, we did political and terrorist threat assessment in several regions of the Middle East.
  • We did background screening and creditability check of a British company with Indian capital by request of a Lithuanian bank. The company had a very opaque corporate structure including several intermediaries in four different counties of the European Union and South America.
  • We started providing on a regular basis U.S. and EU sanction’s lists checks to several international insurance companies.
  • In-depth background check of high-profile individual from Angola making business in Germany. The check was out of the list because it was based mostly on human sources and required under-cover data mining in rural area of Angola.
  • Human due diligence research on retired European diplomat who represents global oil company in negotiations with Iranian officials.
  • Geography of regular assignments – background checks and pre-employment screening (excluding countries of Europe): Ghana, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chad, Egypt, the U.S., Australia, China and others.

  • To ensure that our clients can access the most valuable, up to date, legally collected and deeply analyzed information we are constantly developing our network of external exerts and informational sources.

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