18 July, 2018 – the arrest of top investigator Drymanov Alexander: Russia

On 18 July, FSB officers arrested the former head of the Moscow branch of the Investigative Committee, Maj. Gen. Drymanov Alexander Alexandrovich (07.06.1968)  based on orders from the Moscow’s Lefortovo District Court.  Investigators charged him with two counts of bribery in large amounts and asked for his arrest. He will remain in custody until at least 12 September.

Drymanov is said to have been a person of interest to investigators for over a year. Media had reported earlier that Denis Nikandrov, who made a plea deal, said that in 2016, he had given Drymanov a bribe in the amount of 9,850 euros for assistance to his appointment as first deputy head of the Moscow branch of the Russian Investigative Committee. In addition, the former chief of the Russian Investigative Committee’s branch for Moscow is suspected of involvement in high-ranking Investigative Committee officials’ receiving a bribe in exchange for freeing Kochuikov Andrei, also known as the Italian, an accomplice of crime kingpin Kalashov Zakhary Karlovich (20.03.1953), also known as Shakro the Young, from a pre-trial detention facility and mitigating the charges brought against him.

Drymanov did not admit his guilt and will appeal his arrest. He believes his criminal prosecution is caused by slander and accused FSB investigators of trying to prove the opposite in “any possible way”. If Drymanov’s guilt is proven, he will face imprisonment from 8 to 15 years. He was appointed acting head of the Investigative Committee’s Main Investigative Directorate for Moscow in February 2015 and became head of the agency in December 2015 under a presidential decree.

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