16-17 July, 2018 – The centennial anniversary of the executions of the Tsar and Royal Family

Some hundred thousand orthodox pilgrims participated in this year’s “crusader march” in Ekaterinburg (16-17 July) to mark the centennial anniversary of the execution of Tsar Nikolai II and the royal family by the Bolsheviks.

Patriarch Kirill personally headed the march, served a liturgy and spoke to the crowd about the tragedy of 100 years ago arguing that the murder of Tsar Nikolai II (canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church) and the ensuing catastrophe of the period (revolution, civil war) was a direct consequence of the attempts by the Russian intelligentsia to bring into the country “foreign ideas”.

With that same rational applied to modern day politics, he also prayed for the faith in Ukraine.

Elsewhere in Russia the occasion received little traction and was practically ignored by the Russian political elite. A debate about the executions’ organizer Lenin still being honoured in a Mausoleum on Red Square in Moscow does not take place at all.

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