Human due diligence

Everything we do is about people, for people and because of people.

Organizing new business, investing in a new or already existing enterprise, merging several businesses we deal with other people (partners, employees, investors) and we have to be sure that these people are reliable, trustworthy; we have to predict their behaviour.

Human due diligence is extremely important when we are dealing with people of different cultural backgrounds.

Depending on the situation, local regulations and rank of the individual we provide our customers with the following information on the subject:

General information on the individual

  • identity check, criminal records check, property and assets under control

Origin of capital investigation

Business activity of the individual

  • Businesses under control of the individual, business history
  • Corporate structure of legal bodies under control
  • Financials of individual’s businesses

Financial status of the individual

  • Financials, credit history
  • Check if there’re undeclared debts, hidden obligations etc.

Connections and business relations

  • Business partners, colleagues, proteges
  • Family relations and extramarital affairs
  • Friends, classmates, influencers, lobbies
  • Political and criminal relations

Personal characteristics

  • Lifestyle of the individual
  • Hobbies and passions

Reputation inquiries on the individual

  • Human sources: business partners, employees, colleagues, classmates etc.

Public reputation of the individual

  • Social media activity, publications in on-line and printed media


We provide human due diligence reports or intelligence on indivuduals to our clients only if we have a very clear picture of the background of the request. We have to be sure that the client does not plan using the information against the subject in unethical or illegitimate manner. We reserve the right to refuse service.