European Court of Human Rights rulings

The ECtHR has recently issued judgements on a number of high-profile cases related to Russia and has ordered the Russian authorities to pay compensations.

Russia has to pay 20,000 euro in damages to the relatives of murdered journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who was killed in 2006. CASE OF MAZEPA AND OTHERS v. RUSSIA, (Application no. 15086/07))
The Court ruled that the investigation into Politkovskaya’s killing had not been effective as the organiser of the murder had not been identified.

In a separate judgement, the Court ruled that Russia had violated several articles of the ECtHR in the case against the three activists of the Pussy Riot punk group over a 2012 action at Moscow church and ordered Russia to pay a total of more than 48,000 euro in compensation to the group’s members.

In another judgement, the Court ruled that Russia had violated the property rights in Moldova’s breakaway region of Transdnistria of 1,646 individuals and three companies from Moldova and ordered Russia to pay a total of nearly 2.5 million euro in compensation. CASE OF SANDU AND OTHERS V. THE REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA AND RUSSIA (Application no. 21034/05)

The reaction of the Russian authorities to the separate news has been very restrained. While there was no public reaction to the Pussy Riot case ruling, in the case of Politkovskaya’s killing Russia’s main investigating body simply stated that the investigation of the case is not over yet. In the Transdnistria case the Ministry of Justice stated that the judgement will be analysed within the three months period available for a possible appeal.


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