Present & Future of Intellectual Services

SA WEST Global Intelligence invests a lot of time and effort to support Russian-speaking community of intelligence and security professionals.
We host webinars every week with a subtitle “Present & Future of Intellectual Services”.
Our speakers are bespoke professionals in audit, security, intelligence, and law advisory. They represent leading local and international companies.
By now recordings of selected speeches are available in Russian language only.

Дмитрий ИВАНОВ, Head of Intelligence SA WEST, partner in Conter Force Group, advisor in YP-Intelligence

Impact of lockdown on Private Intelligence Market
Intelligence &|vs Compliance
Intelligence & Corporate Culture
HUMINT in private intelligence
ACH & Cynefin framework in private intelligence

Сергей МАРТЫНОВ, CFE, CIA, CISA. President of the Russian branch of ACFE.

The evolution and revolution of internal control in modern technology environments
Features of the internal control system in a pandemic
HUMINT in internal control

Рустам ВАХИТОВ, partner at Crowe Expertiza (Netherlands)

The impact of the epidemic on tax policy. The situation with Russian tax agreements in the long run

Игорь ЦМИНСКИЙ, President of the All-Ukrainian Association of Private Detectives

Crisis management. The specifics of the current crisis

Яков РАДОМЫСЛЕНСКИЙ, JR Security Consulting (Latvia)

Troubleshooting. Resolving lockdown issues


Concerns of investors and potential partners of Russian fintech startups
Corporate culture – intelligence perspective
Planning for human intelligence projects

Tanya-Elisa BASELEY, Global head of strategic legal at Bright Box & Managing partner at Baseley & Polyak

Fintech Regulatory Risks