Since January 2012 the register of Estonian criminal records will be available on-line.

The head of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic Mr. Michal Kristen noted that information on convictions that entered into force is opened in accordance with the Law. Therefore, as the minister explained, access to the register of punishments should be free. The minister also mentioned that he expects that availability of the register will help in preventing crime in Estonia.

Remote pre-employment screening of individuals living in Baltic countries is a serious challenge for background screening professionals and HRs of international employers and every step towards more transparent and legal practice in this region is a very good news.
Individual can access the electronic version of the register to get his criminal conviction/non-conviction information (also he will be able to get information about his children) free of charge. To view information regarding the other person one will have to pay a fee fixed by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic. The name of the target individual as well as his identification number is required for the request.
Some restrictions on access to the register maintained: they will cover information on minors.